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Railway Bogie  

Railway bogie Specification: K2, K6, 18-100,18-578, 18-194,18-1750,Barber-S2, Barber S-2-HD-9C, HS MK

the strength of railway bogie meets the requirements of the GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008. 

1. Material: Grade B+ Steel

2. Side frame wheelbase: 1830mm    Bolster gauge:1435mm

3.Certificate: GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008

B/T3012-2006, CRCC

4.We have a robot automatic core making and setting production line, using resin hardening sodium silicate-bonded sand for modeling, whole-core core making and refining outside the furnace technology, we can realize whole-core robot automatic core making and setting production.


railway bogie

K4 Railway bogie
The railway bogie are produced under the cooperation between Zhuzhou Wagon Works and ABC-NACO who took swing-type bogies as prototype. The new railway bogies have such features as three-pieced cast structure, bolster spring for secondary level suspension and swinging mechanism for primary suspension, and two leveled longitudinal and horizontal rigidity, improving a great deal horizontal flexibility of the vehicle, minimizing wearing-down between wheels and tracks, and elevating operation quality.

 K5 railway bogie
This is a 25t shaft weight wag type railway bogie developed based on K4 bogie. The bogie is casting steel three parts wag bogie, which follows the main structure of K4, the spring plate is concave downward type modified from flat type of K4, the base braking adopts the L-c combined braking beam developed by the shop own, the shock absorber inter round spring, inclined wedge, flexible side support and other parts are mutually replaceable with K4. 

K6 Bogie

K6 railway bogie is domestic main type 25t shaft weight freight bogie. The bogie is casting steel three parts structure. Bolster and side frame are B casting steels. Side beam is wide guide frame structure; a down cross supporting device is additionally arranged between two side beams; the first suspension system is arranged with modified shaft box rubber gasket; the second suspension system is central bolster spring suspension system with friction shock absorb device.  

3D axle welded railway bogie

The railway bogie is D shaft bogie for K16A mineral hopper and general large freight. The structure is characterized in: 1. Overall welded structure consists of side beam, center plate beam, transversal beam and end beam. All these beams are steel plate welded enclosed box structure.  

25t low power action structural freight wagon bogie

The railway bogie is a H frame consisting of two side beams and a center plate beams, which are welded together, a box type cross section is adopted. Wheel-pair axle box spring is supported in suspension through the axle box spring; the internal and the external springs with rigidity of class II are adopted with different height, double inclined wedge type axial box friction reduction is adopted. Suspension sliding type two-sides braking is used for the basic braking equipment, brake head links with the brake beam through pin shaft. The high friction brake block is used.   

GDT wide gauge track railway bogie
GDT bogie mainly consists of side frame, bolster, bearing spring, shock absorber, wheel pair, bearing, base braking equipment, side support and etc. The bogie is “three parts” cast steel controllable bogie produced by Brazil CVRD company; F bearing is adopted; the gauge is 1600mm wide track bogie.

GDE meter-gauge track bogie
GDE meter-gauge track railway bogie mainly consists of bogie bolster, bogie frame, wheel pair, bearing, adapter, base braking equipment, bearing spring, inclined wedge, inclined wedge spring, side support and etc. The bogie is a typical “Ride Control” control bogie; comparing with Chinese 8A bogie, the bogie adopts controllable inclined wedge shock absorber to improve rigidity of rhombus displacement among “three parts” and the operational stability.

14 ton meter-gauge railway bogie for Vietnam

14 tons meter gauge railway bogie for Vietnam is of three-piece structure, consisting of bolster, side frame, wheel set, 5×9 double taper rolling bearing, basic brake device and vibration-control device. The bolster, side frame and adapter adopt AAR-C grade steel to ensure enough strength and rigidity. Wheel set adopts the wheel with radius of 780mm. The wheel tread is LM meter gauge wearing type. The bearing device is 5×9 SKF double taper rolling bearing. The vibration-control device adopts Ride Control constant frictional damper and ADI wedge. The center spring is of equal height inner and outer spring made of 60SI2CrVA material. The bogie adopts center plate loading mode. The center plate is Φ299mm flat lower center plate. The side bearing is rigid side bearing with small clearance. The basic brake device is single sliding brake. The brake block is highphosphorous brake blocks.

Cast steel Railway bogie for Pakistan
Casting Steel Bogie for Pakistan is three-piece cast steel railway bogie, main consisting of bolster, side frame, wheel set, lower center plate, elastic side bearing and basic brake device. The bogie adopts frictional vibration-control device, with wedge made of wearing resistance material and imported E 6×1double taper rolling bearing. The brake device is single side mid-phosphorous brake block. The side frame and bolster are made of B grade steel. 

This bogie is suitable on open wagon, flat wagon and box wagon stipulated in the contract of supplying 1,300 freight vehicles for Pakistan national railway.


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