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Bogie Bolster  

Bogie bolster is one of the important parts of railway bogie. It is made by sand casting process. After casting, it will be tested strictly according to the relevant railway parts standard.

bogie bolster

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Bogie bolsterSpecification: K2, K6, 18-100,18-578, 18-194,18-1750,Barber-S2, Barber S-2-HD-9C, HS MK

Material of wagon bolster: B Grade steel, B+ Grade steel, 20ГЛ, 

Material Standard: TB/T2942-1999, AAR, OST 32.183-2001, AAR M-201

Application: South Africa railway parts, United States railway freight car fittings, Russia train parts, Railway wagon parts

Process:The railway bogie bolster is made byrobot automatic core making and setting production line, using resin hardening sodium silicate-bonded sand for modeling and whole-core core making and refining outside the furnace technology. It can realize whole-core robot automatic core making and setting production

The strength meets the requirements of the AAR M-203,Steel Bogie Side Frame Specification. 

1. Material: AAR Grade B+ Steel

2. Specification:

110t Side frame wheelbase: 1778±4.8mm    Bolster gauge:1435mm

70t Side frame wheelbase: 1727.2±4.8mm    Bolster gauge:1435mm

3. Standard:  AAR M-210 and IRIS

4. Certificate: AAR M-210 , IRIS, AAR M-1003

5. Process: Resin hardening sodium silicate-bonded sand for modeling and core making, and refining outside the furnace technology.


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